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Em fevereiro o Guardian Eco produziu um especial sobre energia eólica, abordando questões variadas como emissões de gases do efeito estufa, eficiência, custo e preço, realidade no Reino Unido, impacto sobre a biodiversidade. Veja abaixo (inglês):

Who is in charge of Britain’s #energy policy? by Catherine Mitchell 

Opposition groups kick up storm over windfarms in Wales

Wind power: what really happened when the Ayrshire turbine caught fire?

Prince Charles to get funding from ‘blot on the landscape’ windfarms

Wind myths: Turbines increase carbon emissions

Do wind turbines kill birds and bats?

David Cameron meets Tory MPs opposed to windfarm plans

Wind turbines bring in ‘risk-free’ millions for rich landowners

#wind series reaction: Uk #energy minister Hendry: “Wd be madness not to harness wind to create clean energy & jobs”

Wind power still gets lower public subsidies than fossil fuel tax breaks

The anatomy of a wind turbine

Has the wind revolution stalled in the UK?

Windfarms axed as UK loses its taste for turbines

Do wind turbines kill birds and bats?

Debate whether windfarms are ugly but not their efficiency, says Lord Turner

Wind energy companies fear UK government’s commitment is cooling

Anti-wind power MPs may have Cameron’s backing

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